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Armstrong's Health & Herbal Store is a family run business established in 1906 and we have been fulfilling the health food needs of local people in the Stoke-on-Trent area since then by providing herbal remedies and supplements. We are combining today's technology and our vast accumulated knowledge of traditional herbal remedies, natural and organic foods and vitamin supplements to enable you to browse and purchase from our comprehensive range of products.

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Hyaluronan & Skin

Hyaluronan & Skin When it comes to your skin, Hyaluronan is a best friend. More than half the HA in the human body is in the skin. However, in ageing...

The Benifits of Coconut Oil

  The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also provides...

7 Ways to Fuel Your Training

7 Ways to Fuel Your TrainingDo you ever think to yourself “what do I have to do to increase my energy levels during my workouts?” You’re drained, grumpy and feel...


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